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Weight – Fat Loss Plus Emotional Eating and Xocoslim Chocolate

At times weight and fat loss diets don’t work and it truly is not because they don’t work it can just be the fact that the person dieting can’t control or have the self discipline to control their hunger. When you are upset, angry or just very emotional do you feel the urge to eat? Did you give into the emotion and pilfer the fridge for ice cream, sweets, or even go to a junk food place and eat. Pay attention to the emotional ups and downs in life and when you are more prone to eating the wrong kinds of foods when you have certain emotions. Get clear on this and you have a much better chance of controlling your intake of good food and losing fat and getting on your way to health through dieting.

Remember this, it is not that you need food when you are emotional in a certain way it is not physical hunger. It is your mind playing out the pattern of eating when you are in certain states this is something you may have been doing for years. The reason it works so well to give your emotions a sense of calm is that you have been eating certain foods at these times and so your mind is trained to do it to this day. Make sure you do this: identify when you are eating bad foods and ask yourself what emotion are you experiencing. Ask yourself what got you to this step, eating junk foods. What activates this out of control eating experience and learn to recognize the patterns.

Weight and fat loss in relation to emotional eating is probably one of the easiest ways to lose weight and it is all about listening to what your body is telling you in every state you are in. Another trigger to emotional eating is feeling that there is nothing you can do about your life you see no choices of travel, activity, friendships, or occupying your time. You basically feel bored so you emotionally eat and usually the wrong foods. Here is the best way to control emotionally eating, after recognizing your patterns immediately interrupt the food choice with a healthy choice. When you do this several times you will build a new pattern to eat healthy foods when you have emotional challenges. This will become a habit and in time you will be eating great foods and experience weight and fat loss through diets that you control.

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