List of Low Fat Foods

Recommend Fat LossWhen you commit to a low fat diet or way of eating you are making a commitment to health in general. In making this commitment you are making choices of foods to eat and ones not to eat. Sometimes this means going through your foods that you already have in the house. Once you have a list of low fat foods you can go through the kitchen and discard any foods not on the list yes those cookies with the filling in the center must go.

At this point there are a lot of low fat food choices on the market and they are easy to find if you are willing to look. Below you will be given some examples of good choices of foods to replace some bad ones and in time you will have your own list and live by it and reap the benefits of good healthy food choices. Join my email list as there will be a list of foods I have for you that can get you started building your own list. Put your list in the pantry and add to it and when you shop only buy foods on the list.

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Here is a list of low fat foods

  • Extra virgin olive oil is best, cold pressed canola oil, safflower oil.
  • Fish salmon, crab, tilapia, sole, lobster
  • Vegetables including, apples, banana, bean sprouts, bell peppers, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, lettuce, tomato
  • Rice, squash, taro root, tofu, quinoa, bulgur, lentils, chickpeas, couscous
  • Chicken, turkey, prawns
  • Soups, use low sodium canned or mixed soups
  • Spices herbs, seasonings, whole garlic,
  • Pineapple, pears, ginger, soy sauce,
  • Nuts and seeds like, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts, pecans, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, flax seeds
  • Low fat dressings with lemon added to salads, low-sodium sauces,
  • Whole grain high quality bread if you eat bread at all, sprout bread with no yeast is a good choice
  • Dried fruits like cranberries, cherries, and raisons
  • water

There are many more good healthy choices to add to the list of low fat foods the above should give you some reference when deciding what to buy and consume. One of the best things to exclude is bread if you want to get a start on losing some fat or weight as most bread is worthless and only clog the digestive system making fat foods stay longer in your body.

Most of the time when you are shopping for food read the labels and you will get in the habit of picking the better low fat foods over ones that will hard to digest and offer no nutritional value. Remember when you get a routine of eating healthy foods like lean meats and lots of broad spectrum vegetables you will start to feel better about your growing list of low fat foods and automatically discard the unhealthy choices. Remember only bring healthy food into the home you will feel better.

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