How To Do Inner Thigh Exercises

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Inner thighs are probably one of the most challenging areas to lose fat that’s because it is an area that is hard to work out effectively. Sometimes when you get results in the buttock area and outer thighs there still remains that flabby area around the inner thighs. There are some exercises you can do however, and they can be very effective and you will want to incorporate them into your work out routine.

When done correctly, regularly, and coupled with dietary changes these inner thigh exercises will be most effective and give you the shape to your legs that you desire. It is a combination of things that goes a long way to reduce the inner thigh fat.

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The elastic band exercise for stretching

This is one of the best inner thigh exercises, first get an elastic band and put it around a table leg or something else that is sturdy and won’t move. Next put the other end of the elastic band around your ankle and stand with feet shoulder width apart then pull your leg over to the opposite leg stretching the band. This should give you some feeling at the inner thigh do this for both sides try 10-50 on each side.

A variation of this inner thigh exercise is to lay on the floor and pull you leg over to the other one getting a stretch in the inner thigh area. Either way you do it do it daily and you should see results and get shapely legs in a matter of time. Always remember not to over do it you want to maintain the routine longer term.

Also remember that when you exercise to tone inner thigh muscles or any other part of your body a good healthy diet is essential. Remember to limit fatty foods and make the best choices you can, eat lean meats grilled or broiled, fish and turkey are great. Get lots of fruit, nuts, seeds and good oils like extra virgin olive oil. Eat lots of salads with low fat dressings or just lemon and olive oil on it.

Some replacement tips for dietary changes to help you gain on your inner thigh exercises. Try using lettuce leaves instead of bread when you think you need a sandwich. Try using olive oil on popcorn and squash instead of butter. Try using water on cereal (or natural unsweetened juice) instead of milk. Try broiling chicken or turkey and cutting small chunks for salads instead of frying. Get on the email list for more tips in future articles.

Extra Firm Inner Thigh

I call this one the thigh squeezer work out, first lay down on the carpet or mat and find something like the end of the couch or chair you can also use an exercise ball too. Put you legs straight out with one foot on either side of the ball then squeeze you legs together and hold them for a few seconds. Do this exercise every day and feel the strength in your inner thighs. These are some great inner thigh exercises that are easy and can be done right at home with little equipment to none.

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