Lose Pregnancy Weight (cont….)

Strip That Fat

When you are comfortable with stretching you can move on to some small weight training by doing some arm curls with a couple of small 2 lbs weights. You are probably thinking you get enough arm work outs and you may so I suggest some sit-ups and if you are able do some make sure you check with your doctor. Do at least 10 – 50 sit-ups every day. Do not miss any time here as you will want to put it off more and more. Remember what I said above, the most important thing is to do something regularly and that is very important. Do 5 sit-ups if you can only do a few, do one if that is all you possibly can. Consistency is how to lose pregnancy weight.

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More wonderful ways to shed some fat, drink lots of water the more the better and do it all day. Try to minimize it during meals but definitely get a lot in during the daytime. Sometimes when you are feeling hungry you are just thirsty and by experimenting with this you will see patterns that will suggest hunger or thirst and act appropriately.

Now it’s time for walks and you can bring your beautiful baby along or go alone, it makes it easy if you have someone to baby sit. You will want to do a power walk and get those arms swinging vigorously this is a fast paced walk where you want to sweat and really go for it. This is meant to get the heart beat up and the lungs breathing hard, always stretch and warm up prior and warm down after. Do this for about 20 minutes three times a week. If you take the baby you can still get a sweat going by pushing the stroller at a fast safe pace.

Some real talk, you put on some weight when you got pregnant and now you might be worried that it will be there forever, well it won’t and as you work on it daily it will go very fast. Remember it took some time to put on and it will take a little time to take off but it will come off and you will look great in no time. Decide now today to do something daily and commit for a year to do these daily rituals. Here is a tip; if you do 5 sit-ups a day that’s 1,825 in one year 10 a day and it’s 3,650 that’s a lot but it’s only 5 – 10 each day. What does 15 – 20 come to? How better will you look and feel in one year.

Get some support from support groups but don’t rely on them, do it yourself on your time and use the support group or buddy sit-ups as a bonus and keep the first sit-ups of the day to yourself this way you get it done fast and easy first thing. That’s how to lose pregnancy weight and or fat fast.

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