How To Lose Arm Fat Tips

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There are many ways to lose arm fat and they are a combination of diet and exercise just like most of the other methods of weight loss or fat loss. I have a few tips here to help you. First of all no one wants to have arm fat and it can be hard to get rid of so it will take a little effort but you should have success with it by establishing a routine and sticking with it long term.

First do some triceps dips

This is the muscle under the arm opposite to the biceps now lets get started with the exercise. Make sure you have a hard surface or solid surface like a chair or table then face away from the table and place your hand on the edge of it. Move your legs out from the table so you’re about 3 feet away or so, next lower your body down to the surface of the table until you feel it in your triceps. Hold it there for a few seconds then rise up and then repeat this and that’s one way on how to lose arm fat.

To do this on a chair you put your hands on the chair under your legs then walk your legs out a little and lower your butt to the floor rise up and repeat. Feel the burn in your triceps or under arms and you know its working.

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Lift some weights

When you lift weights if you concentrate on the major muscle groups like chest, traps, thigh, hamstrings, calves, and lower back and abdominals you will get a secondary muscle group benefit. Then you can concentrate solely on the triceps as an addition to the weight lifting routine. Make sure you are giving your body and muscles the needed rest between workouts, try every other day. Losing arm fat won’t happen over night or after just a few workouts but if you do 10-50 triceps exercises daily on the chair or table that’s 3,650 to 18,250 a year just do some every day and you will lose arm fat and build muscle.

Another fast easy at home triceps exercise is using a small dumbbell or 2-5 pound weight and lifting it over your head repeatedly. Here’s how: hold the weight in one hand or both then stretch your arms straight up in the air above your head, lower the weight behind your head until your elbow is bent. Repeat this as many times as you want and make sure this is done regularly.

Here is more tips on how to lose arm fat, eat less fattening foods remember if you eat healthy foods you will have an easier time getting rid of the arm fat. Try to get as much lean meats like turkey breast, fish, and even Bison is leaner than beef. Get the fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and beans. Do drink lots of water on a daily basis and you will see results.

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