How To Get Ride Of Love Handles

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Oh those love handles they sit on your sides above your hips and seem to be like a spare tire but you can get rid of them with some concentrated effort. We will be showing you how to get rid of love handles with some simple exercises and this area is going to need focus and attention. You need to see this area of your body in your mind as already shapely and just the way you want it. Then get into the work out and make the shape happen. Of course you need to eat right and be committed to eating less fat and eat a more balanced diet.

The muscles you will be concentrating on with this exercise program is the oblique muscle group located around the sides of your abdominal area. Much like the article on how to get rid of belly fat some of those exercises will be very helpful. First let’s look at doing some trunk twists these are good because they focus on the area and help to quickly get rid of love handles.

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Begin your exercise routine with trunk twists to warm up the muscles and help get the blood flowing. Hold your arms up with hands at eye level with feet shoulder width apart begin twisting one way then the other by doing this you will get the oblique area working.

Oblique Crunches style sit-ups

Next you are going to want to do this great exercise and I know it sounds painful but once you do a few of them and begin to feel the area that you are trying to concentrate on you will feel the pleasure.

Lie down on the floor on your mat or the carpet or whatever bend your legs up as if you were sitting in a chair put hands on back of head and lift your shoulder blades up and touch your right elbow to your left knee. Squeeze your abdominal muscles for a few seconds or a minute. Lie back down and repeat the same thing on the other side with your left elbow touching your right knee, squeeze, count then go back down.

There you have it you now know how to get rid of love handles, make sure you do these every day. If you do 10 a day that’s 3,650 crunches in one year do you think that will make a difference? Before you know it you will have the shape you want.

You can incorporate many different exercises or work out routines that focus on particular parts of the body and I encourage you to add some others as this will speed up the results you get. The most important thing is to make the right choices of food to eat so you are getting a smooth ride and not working against yourself by adding fattening foods making it harder for getting rid of love handles. Get lots of water through out the day.  Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts seeds, whole grains, beans and salads.

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