Fat Burning Foods

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Lets begin with some of the fat burning foods such as high fiber fruit, vegetables and whole grains it can be said that all these foods will help burn fat by helping to maintain the digestive system and keeping it on track.  High protein and fiber foods are the best for burning fat as you use more calories to digest protein than it takes to digest fat.

Here are some fat burning foods

  • Fish is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids (a polyunsaturated fat) which are very healthy and salmon is one of the best sources and really lives up to its reputation as a superb cold water fish. Salmon is an all round good food to help weight loss.
  • Chicken a lean protein which can be cooked in many different ways is also a good choice try to get organic chicken when ever possible
  • Bison is one of the best substitutes for beef as it is far leaner and can give you iron and protein that you need and still be eating red meat but at least it’s leaner and less fatty which means with less fat going in then less fat to burn
  • Turkey is another good choice because it is lean protein and it has tryptophan in it so it helps with even moods
  • Egg whites are said to be the perfect protein known to man, if you don’t like the yoke then discard it and eat the egg hard boiled it will give you energy its fast and easy to eat and take with you for snacks and lunch and is a great fat burning food
  • Beans like Navy Beans, White Beans, Kidney Beans, Lima Beans are all fat burning foods

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The above foods help raise metabolism and helps to burn fat as the protein feeds muscle and muscles and with the fewer calories stored as fat you will burn fat.  Remember turkey breast a lean meat is about 120 calories and about 26 grams far less than some poor choices with higher calories and more fat.

Water is also good for burning fat in many ways and as you know can be very beneficial in ways like removing sodium and toxins from your system. When you raise your metabolic rate with water you burn calories naturally. A German study showed that after drinking approximately 20 ounces of water the participants raised their metabolisms by about 30 percent.

Tip: when you feel hungry during the day ask yourself how much water you drank so far today, sometimes your body feels hungry when all you are is thirsty, get more water.

Everybody loves soup don’t they? Well it’s another great fat burning food and there are so many varieties you can be creative and not get bored. A Penn State University study showed that soup is great appetite suppressant and aids in weight loss. Soup has both liquids and solids so you feel fuller easier.

Do you drink tea? Have you heard that Green Tea can help as a fat burning food? Well research has also shown that this tea does in fact help as it enhances metabolism. Also it has been know to have anti cancer properties as well as healthy heart benefits.
More research for you to help with your choice of healthy beneficial fat burning foods. One study done showed that participants who chose one of three 270 calorie snacks the participants who had the chicken and rice soup ate about 100 less calories than the ones who chose chicken and rice casserole. Once you understand more about healthy foods it always comes down to making better choices.

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